This is my personal site. It’s precursor dates back to about ‘97, an era when it was de rigeur for budding geeks to have a few pages of soon-to-be-broken links and the odd animated GIF file. That was hosted via some static space on my ISP (Demon Internet) but a year or so later I sorted out a dot com domain of my own which I still have. Emails have therefore reached me fairly consistently at the same address for over 20 years now.

Before you ask, no, the domain is not for sale.

Dave and Mr Anderson

I am a professional software developer, primarily as a Java backender, currently dilly-dallying about with some crypto-currency stuff. I live in Stockholm, Sweden with my wife Hanna and our extraordinarily fluffy cat Mr Anderson.

In years that are not pandemics I run The Rigamarole dance event with my wife - the last one was in London in October 2018 and was fantastic. There was no event in 2019 as Hanna and I were busy with our wedding. The next one will be in 2020 2021 2022 (or more likely 2023) in Stockholm. 2020 & 2021 were cancelled due to Coronavirus. 2022 is looking iffy because these things require a lot of planning which is hard to do when you have no clue what the landscape will look like next year!

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