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Apr 22, 2021 jobs linkedin bugs

Well, I’ve wrapped up with Diabol AB and from next month I’ll be looking for something new.


Which means it’s time to drag my LinkedIn profile up to date and hate every step of the way. Their internal engineering culture has a great reputation - see I ❤️ Logs for some insight into that - but god I despise the website. Because…

Unfortunately, network effects being what they are, it doesn’t have any real effective challengers. So off I go again.

All I really want is:

I hope a challenger arises to tackle just those points and isn’t struggling so hard for growth that they alienate their users and/or try and turn them all into “thought leaders.” But what do I know, it’s terrifically successful as it is I guess?


Anyway, Diabol were charming and the client Klarna AB was pretty fun - but I’d like to try a smaller pond and some more product-oriented development in my next role. We shall see!

¹ Doesn’t work…?

Despite marking last month as the end of my employment with Diabol AB my profile shows Diabol’s logo in the “current employer” icons of my LinkedIn profile - and yes, I updated the appropriate front-matter fields. Maybe it’s cached? Maybe it will always show the most recent employer even if they’re not the current one? Who knows. There didn’t seem to be any way to raise a bug report.

Then if I want to set the “looking for work” banner on my profile and supply a job title it steadfastly changes it to something other than what I entered: “Senior Software Developer” consistently gets changed to “Senior Software Engineer.” Trivial but I bloody mindedly refuse to use the forced choice and if a human swapped titles like that you’d think they were incompetent wouldn’t you?

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