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Aug 27, 2023 adblocking facebook

Here are a couple of adblocking rules to kill off nuisances in the Facebook feed: for you) and short videos)

Or, for Mobile Facebook (i.e. in the browser on Firefox Mobile): for you) and short videos)

As you can see, those will zap the “Suggested for you” panels that now crop up for every-other post in my feed - they are, infuriatingly, more difficult to ignore than the adverts as they’re almost but not quite the content I actually like to read. As such they’re incredibly distracting. The other one which is only a minor nuisance is the “Reels and short videos”, which I never click and therefore don’t particularly want appearing.

If you’re not already using uBlock Origin then I strongly recommend it! Note that “uBlock” (without “Origin”) should not be installed as it’s shady.

Also note that these rules only work for the desktop browser view on Facebook, but I’ll spend some time figuring out the appropriate ones for Firefox Android some time soon - and uBlock Origin works well there generally which is the main reason I use Firefox instead of Chrome on my phone at all! iPhone users are SOL though. Ok, edited to add the mobile browsing rules (unsurprisingly it was just a matter of editing the domain used) so that’s much pleasanter when on the go. iPhone users are still SOL though.

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